The Challenge

The summer of 2011 we’re embarking on a 14000 kilometer mad-capped overland journey, driving a third of the way round the world, from Norway to Kazakhstan, in a 25 year old banger. We set our course for regions of instability and change, traversing the recovering battle field of the Balkans, the disputed region of Caucasus, through the totalitarian regimes of  Iran and Turkmenistan, moving on to Central Asia, the vast land of absurdity, unemployment, corruption, totalitarianism, camels, deserts, natural resources and pipeline disputes.  We will travel to some of the most inaccessible countries in the world, facing notoriously hard immigrations, endless desert roads and language barriers. When we get back we’ll have visited 17 countries and used a staggering 1500 liters of petrol. We will be on our own, without any form of assistance. This is our Challenge.

Our journey through this “forgotten” part of the world will follow the ancient Silk Road, signifying a thousand years of history, and trade between Europe and Asia. It will reflect both the old and the new, through both encounters with nomadic indigenous peoples and city dwellers. The course will speak for itself. Our mission is to experience and document our encounter with the land and people of these regions, gaining at least some level of understanding of what some has called the “backwaters of the earth”.

The Route:

Read about the countries we’ll visit: Turkmenistan

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2 Responses to The Challenge

  1. halsteinm says:

    Fucking Awesome!

  2. Håkon Tee says:

    Yeah. E-pic.

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